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Steve Scott

January 30, 2024
Steve Scott

Ex apprentice comes full circle as a mentor for the engineers of the future.

Steve Scott, Assessor and Trainer for Middlesbrough College Group, has been able to pass on his experience and knowledge to his students.

Steve started his career as an apprentice machinist in Scarborough. This is where his career began and he found his passion for the sector. Steve was employed by Taylor Precision for nine years before he left and moved abroad as a contractor.

“I came straight out of school into an apprenticeship, and it has given me so many fantastic opportunities, being able to work around the globe has been brilliant – such an awesome opportunity!”

Steve moved back to the UK in 1988 , got married and started a new job in Brighton, and had a number of progressive roles before being successful in his own engineering company over many years.

Fast forward to 2015 where Steve came across a job advert for an Assessor and Trainer for Middlesbrough College’s STEM Centre – and hasn’t since looked back.

“I have always been passionate about apprenticeships –it gave me so many incredible opportunities and I felt like I needed to give something back. My wife said to just go for it, so I did!

“I’ve been working here ever since and I love it. I have seen the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, apprenticeships change from frameworks to standards and the changes in how apprentices are assessed. There have been so many developments, but the core values are the same – providing young people with the knowledge AND hands on skills they need for industry.

“Being able to work with young people and see them complete their apprenticeship and move into full time roles is so inspiring, I think it’s great to be part of their journey.

“The support I’ve had while working here has been fantastic, teaching was new to me however I was given the right training and support to get the experience I needed to succeed. I’ve had tremendous support from everyone.

“There are some really exciting changes happening across Teesside so it is an open book for our engineering apprentices – hopefully lots of new opportunities in the future that they can be part of!”

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