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Rachel Allen

April 30, 2020
Rachel Allen

English Coordinator for Sports, Travel & Public Services

Originally from Hertfordshire just outside North London, Rachel Allen joined Middlesbrough College in 2016, starting in VPAC, she moved into STPS and is now the English Coordinator within that directorate. Rachel is also a BAME representative at Middlesbrough College.

“My background is in politics and law, having practiced law for over a decade, the progression into teaching English from law seemed natural; words are most important in both areas. Arguing cases and preparing work for counsel, in addition to case management conferences with judges, developed my speaking and listening abilities and enhanced critical English analysis. Those transferable skills are paramount to G.C.S.E English.”

 ” Before completing my law degree, I worked at The Times  in Wapping, training as a junior journalist whilst completing journalism ‘A’ Levels. Working in such a fast-paced environment proved an important experience, ranging from a major story breaking internationally to tracking public opinion. From a deadline and professional perspective, it definitely contributed to marking and editing in my teaching practice today.”

Rachel completed her P.G.C.E in Teaching and Learning, followed by her Masters degree in English at Teesside University: “The academic process of being both a student and a teacher allowed me to really connect with a learning experience within the classroom.”

Rachel has a personal interest in developing learning for specific learning needs: autism and dyslexia, as three of her four children have been diagnosed with these additional needs.

“I think it is vital as a parent and a teacher to ensure that my learners grow in confidence within a subject that many have found incredibly challenging through school. My aim is to break down those barriers so that they can strive, thrive and achieve as they deserve.”