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Our Digital Coaches

April 16, 2021
Digital coaches

George Pilkington, Danielle Howie and Frazer Healy

We are proud to introduce our three digital coaches, George Pilkington, Danielle Howie and Frazer Healy.

In a world where we are becoming increasingly reliant on digital skills, our digital coaches are helping to get the Middlesbrough College community tech savvy. These new roles are heading up digital projects at Middlesbrough College and are the front facing IT whizzes that can help staff and students with any digital issues.

George, who has a background in Sports Coaching said: “This is the best job I have ever had. I love working with young people and I’m delighted to be here at Middlesbrough College. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that you are helping students and staff to become skilled in technology.”

Former events manager Danielle said: “This role has never been more crucial, especially over the last year when almost everything has been moved online. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have helped to fix a problem.”

Frazer, who has a degree in Practical and Product Spatial Design said: “I’m thrilled to be working at Middlesbrough College as a digital coach. I’ve always been interested in technology so this role was the perfect fit for me. I’m enjoying supporting the community at Middlesbrough College and helping to take the stress out of their roles and learning by making online lessons easier to produce and access.”

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