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Natalie James

January 27, 2023
Natalie James

Meet Natalie James, our Business Partner in the Workforce Development team at Middlesbrough College.

When Natalie left school, she had decided that she wanted to follow her passion for forensic science, which had stemmed from a childhood interest in all things science. She also developed an interest in computers and technology throughout her teen years. She studied at Acklam Sixth Form, before progressing onto Teesside University where she studied for a year.

After she left University, Natalie secured her first job in a contact centre. Natalie said: “My first job really taught me a lot and has probably been one of the most pivotal points in my career as it helped to build my confidence.”

Since then, Natalie has progressed through a career in training, having worked in a solicitor’s office, and, most recently, at the tech company Visual Soft. She was then approached by a recruiter on LinkedIn for a position at Middlesbrough College. Natalie said “I’ve always been in the habit of regularly checking and updating my LinkedIn, I just like to see what people and local businesses are up to, so when I was approached by the recruiter, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

“When I found out I had gotten the job I was absolutely over the moon, and everyone at my previous workplace was really supportive of the move, my boss even said what a fantastic opportunity it was.

“I’ve really been enjoying working at the College so far, I find it so refreshing that there is such a focus on personal development here. I love getting to explore different areas of the College as well, the campus is so big and there’s always something going on!

“I’ve also been settling into my new role as a Business Partner in the Workforce Development Team. I work a lot with other members of staff and ensure that all their training and qualifications are up to date, as well as making sure all new members of staff go through their induction.

“My advice to anyone thinking of applying for a job here, but is maybe having doubts, is to just go for it! Take the leap of faith as you never know where it could lead you. I had doubts when applying for the position that I might not be qualified enough, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and my experience spoke for itself.

In her spare time Natalie enjoys taking boxing classes with her daughter, as well as exercising her creativity by customising Air Force trainers.

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