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Mitchell Small

December 7, 2020
Mitchell Small

Mitchell Small studied A Level English Literature, English Language, Philosophy at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form back in 2019. Now, he’s in his second year of his English degree studies at the University of Sunderland.

Mitchell said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Middlesbrough College. Taking on A Levels can be quite stressful at times, but my A Level studies have taken me far in life so it was all worth it in the end.

“I would recommend studying at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form without a doubt. I thought that the teaching was excellent. My tutors were very knowledgeable and experienced, and their lessons were always well-structured. My tutors were so supportive and hardworking- they knew that some topics were harder to grasp than others and often held revisions sessions during lunchtimes or after College if we were struggling with any of the content.

“My tutors were friendly and very easy to talk to. I always felt that help was at hand whenever I needed it.

“Taking English literature at A-Level was a great choice for me because it taught me the fundamental skills for reading and analysing poems, drama and texts, and was a good introduction to some of the best works and authors in English literary history.

“I also enjoyed studying English language, as it was interesting to see the intricacies and nuances in how the English language is written and spoken.

“I am currently in the second year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Sunderland. I am studying BA Hons English, choosing to specialise in English literature. I am really enjoying studying at University and my degree studies are building upon what I have learned at College.

“I have been involved in the University’s publishing house, Spectral Visions Press, in both advertising and proofreading roles. This has been great for picking up essential skills in both these departments, as well as being fantastic work experience for my career goals in the future.

“Completing my A-Levels at Middlesbrough College has made me comfortable studying multiple subjects at the same time, which has been invaluable for juggling module content and assignments at University.

“Due to the similarities between my A-Level studies and university course, the knowledge I have picked up from my former subjects is widely applicable to many areas of my degree. This has saved me a lot of time researching or doing extra revision for concepts that I have already covered at College, and has given me a greater competency in my academic writing.

“I chose to study at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form because it was the best in my area for the subjects that I wanted to study. I was so impressed by the on-site facilities, as well as the amount of academic support available to students.

“I always felt safe and happy during my time at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form.

“The staff across the College were always willing to help you and were quick to resolve any issues or problems that I may have had. Above all, Middlesbrough College has a vibrant but laid-back environment where you are given the freedom to work things out for yourself and pursue your own dreams.”

Course: A Levels –  English Literature, English Language and Philosophy

Previous School: Cleveland College of Art and Design