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Meg Campbell

September 21, 2023
Meg Campbell

Meet Meg Campbell, our Schools Liaison and Marketing Assistant! 

Meg’s journey at Middlesbrough College began over ten years ago when she enrolled onto a Level 3 Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) course at the College. After attending a different local College, Meg transferred to Middlesbrough College’s Performing Arts course because of the fantastic reputation of the course and the College. She said: “I loved my time studying at Middlesbrough College! The structure of the course allowed me to expand and develop my skillset, the tutors were knowledgeable and supportive, and I really enjoyed working on the productions.  

“I performed in a range of shows including Footloose, The Wedding Singer and of course, the annual College pantomime! I played the role of the Scottish Goose in Jack and the Beanstalk and absolutely loved it!”  

After completing her course at Middlesbrough College, Meg progressed to the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) to study for a degree in Community Drama. The degree recognises theatre and drama as a process to bring about social change. Meg said: “I enjoyed studying my degree at LIPA, the course involved using drama to engage with different communities.  

“I found that I engaged well and enjoyed working with young people. I naturally felt comfortable with this age group and was able to connect well with them. It was during my studies and the projects I was doing with young people that I decided I wanted to work within the community and support young people.” 

Meg graduated LIPA and progressed to a co-ordinator role with NCS (National Citizen Service). In this role, Meg went out into schools and engaged with young people through workshops and talks to assist with the recruitment to the National Citizen Service.   

Meg then progressed to her current role at the College in November 2021 where she promotes Middlesbrough College to school students, informing them of the different courses we have on offer and supporting them with their progression. She said: “When I saw the role advertised for a Schools Liaison assistant, I immediately applied as I knew the role was perfect for me. I loved my time at Middlesbrough College and wanted to support young people and promote something I genuinely believe in and am passionate about.  

“It was strange coming back to College as a staff member, especially as my Performing Arts tutors are still here! It’s odd being on the other side of the classroom and working with them as colleagues, but the whole community here is supportive, and we all get along well.  

“The best part of my role is seeing the whole process. From meeting a student in Year 10 who doesn’t know what to do and is anxious about their next step, to supporting them through Year 11 with applications and taster days, and then seeing them enrolling as a Middlesbrough College student. I also love my team. We get along like a house on fire and I really enjoy working with similar and like-minded people.  

“My manager is really supportive, and I can talk to her about anything. I’ve had extra support with my dyslexia, and I’ve been able to request to change my working hours to work term time only. The flexible working is a real perk which I’m grateful for.    

“Middlesbrough College is a great community to be part of. I’m the department representative for Health & Wellbeing and I’m enjoying meeting other Health & Wellbeing champions across the College to discuss how we can support staff and improve the wellbeing of our colleagues.  

“I’ve enjoyed taking on this role for the Marketing Team and we now have ‘Massage Mondays’ in the office, and we’ve enjoyed learning about stretches and exercises we can do to improve our physical health.  

“The College also offers free exercise sessions, flu jabs, body scans, the health assured app and more! It is a lovely place to work. 

“Outside of work, I’m a passionate gardener and I have my own allotment! I also own a floristry company called Ullswater flowers – you can often find me on weekends at local markets selling my arrangements, so please stop by my stall and say hello!”  

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