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Maxine Richmond

May 4, 2020
Maxine Richmond

Training Advisor

Maxine works as a Training Advisor with Middlesbrough College & Northern Skills Group. Maxine works with apprentices and employers and plays a vital role in helping students to achieve their qualification.

Maxine said “I teach and assess apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours, offer them information, advice and guidance and generally check that they are ok. I also carry out progress reviews on a regular basis with both employers and apprentices.

Maxine’s has been working since she was just 15 years old when she gained a Saturday job working in a local Hairdressers and has since had a varied career working in a range of sectors, including working as a Deputy Manager of an Afterschool and Holiday Care company. During her time working with this company, Maxine had the opportunity to do a maternity leave cover position for an assessor which she loved. 

10 years later and Maxine was still working in this company and had progressed from an assessor/tutor to an IQA, to a Staff Training Coordinator and then to a Senior Manager. Sadly, in 2006 the organisation went into liquidation. However, Maxine was quickly gained employment with a couple of other organisations before joining Northern Skills Group as a Sales Manager and then transferring to her current role as a Training Advisor. 

Maxine said “Middlesbrough College and Northern Skills Group is a fantastic place to work. 

There are always challenges in whatever we do in life but my ethos in life is a challenge is there to be broken. I am well supported in my work and there is an abundance of support within the College. There is always someone to to speak to and help you. I have only been in my current team since January and it feels like I have been there forever. My colleagues are all lovely and helpful.

“I didn’t have the easiest time during my education, I didn’t do that well at school as I had issues with reading. It was never identified at the time, but I found out when I was in education as a mature student that I had dyslexia but I learnt strategies to help deal with this. It was always my goal in life to get a degree so when I was 51 years old I enrolled on a BA hons degree in Education and studied part time whilst working. Two years later and I graduated with a 2:1 honours degree. I was so proud of myself. 

“Outside of working I enjoy spending time with my family as my children are my life. I have been very lucky to have four children and now I have two grandchildren too.

“Gaining my degree was one of my greatest achievements and I love helping students to gain their qualifications and have that sense of achievement as it is a feeling like no other.

My one piece of advice to students is to always stay positive. I believe that positivity is the only way forward. You are your own destiny and we only have one life, so use it well.”