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Lucy Wood

March 4, 2021
Lucy Wood

A Level Applied Science Programme Leader

Lucy Wood is the programme leader for the Applied Science programmes at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form.

Lucy completed a BSc Applied Chemistry degree at Teesside University and then progressed to complete her PGCE at Sunderland University.

Lucy started working at Middlesbrough College in 2013 as a lecturer in chemistry teaching across GCSE Science, Access to HE: Science, BTEC Applied Science and A Level Chemistry. Lucy is now the curriculum team leader for vocational programmes at Middlesbrough College Sixth Form and teaches on the BTEC Applied Science course!

Lucy said:” I enjoy working with a wide range of students from school leavers to adult learners. I enjoy getting to know the students during their time here and watching them progress on to a wide range of undergraduate programmes and apprenticeships.

“The students I have taught have gone on to a variety of degree programmes such as biomedical science, animal science, dentistry, medicine, forensic science and degree apprenticeships. Seeing students achieve an offer from their first choice university is always one of my highlights!

Lucy’s top tips for students starting a Science course in September:

  • There are a variety of science podcasts on the BBC that cover a range of topics. On the BTEC Applied Science course one of the units we study is Contemporary issues in science so it is important to keep up to date with current developments.
  • There are also a host of excellent YouTube channels such as Crash Course, Khan Academy and S-Cool to help refresh your science knowledge.
  • CGP Head start to A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics are always good starting points to help with the transition from GCSE to Level 3.
  • BBC Bitesize is also helpful to refresh those key concepts in science!
  • Try to keep up to date with current science developments. New Scientist is a good place to read reliable science information on the internet.
  • Review key concepts from GCSE Science such as bonding, cells and waves.
  • Work on your organisation skills! Vocational courses rely on good time management when juggling exams, assignments and homework. Find a method that works for you whether it be a diary, a planner on your phone or having a noticeboard.

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