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Holly Carnell

October 13, 2022
Holly Carnell

Meet Northern Skills Training Recruitment Consultant, Holly Carnell.

Before beginning her role within Northern Skills, Holly had worked in multiple industries, including retail, health therapies and administration, however she was looking to dig into her interest in business a little further.

Holly tells us: “I came to Northern Skills looking to kickstart my interest in business and was lucky enough to find that they were recruiting for a full-time member of recruitment admin staff soon after I joined. This allowed me to keep the customer service side of my personality alive – which I really enjoy.

“Since starting at the College back in 2018 I have been promoted twice, and I now work as a 360 Recruitment and Training consultant for many apprenticeships. My primary area is IT/Digital.

“As a sufferer of mental illness (OCD and anxiety), I often find that my job role keeps me grounded and assumes a lot of my focus. I find that this helps me stay on track better with everyday life when mental illness is considered. I genuinely really enjoy my job and it’s no big secret that I am incredibly passionate about what doors I’m able to open for a person’s future. It warms me to know that I have had a chance to support in the development of someone’s personal accomplishment.”

In her time at Northern Skills, Holly has been hunted down multiple times by her apprenticeship candidates, and their managers, so praise and thanks can be passed on for all her hard work. Holly is described as the bright light of the apprenticeship recruitment team, and always does her job with a huge smile on her face and pep in her step.

Holly says: “It’s always great when you are told you’re doing a great job, it’s even better when a candidate that you’ve had the pleasure of looking after and supporting into an apprenticeship goes out of their way to hunt down your line managers email and share some very kind words with them about the experience they had with me. The feedback tends to be regular now but it’s warming when a candidate goes that extra mile.

“I personally have had a very good experience with the College and value the lengths they have gone to support and offer the best options for both students and staff. I find that the College is a publicly equal and diverse community that is respectful and value that every individual has an opinion. This personally, is something that would attract me to a company if I was applying for a role there.

“In my spare time, when I’m not at work, I’m “Mum”. I’m blessed with a very beautiful 2-year-old little boy who is the heart and soul of my whole life. So, unless I’m at work, I am at home watching animated Disney movies while probably helping to feed a dinosaur from Noah’s toy box. Pretty perfect if you ask me!”