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Andy Allen

December 15, 2020
Andy Allen

Business & Education Lecturer

Andy Allen is Middlesbrough born and bred and was inspired by his own teacher at sixth form to work within education.

Andy graduated from Goldsmiths University as a qualified teacher in 1983 and has been a passionate community educationalist since becoming a teacher, believing firmly in the power of lifelong education and co-operation.

Andy has also completed a doctorate specialising broadly in Educational Governance and Democracy. The thesis presents a counter-narrative to the government policy of the ‘privatisation and marketisation’ of education. You can read some of Andy’s publications online.

Throughout his career Andy has been inspired by extra-ordinary, progressive educationalists and, as such, Andy completed a Masters degree in Community Education and became a Vice Principal for Adult and Community Learning at one of the most celebrated community schools in Cambridge.

Andy worked for 25 years in various roles around Cambridge and was a Director of Business and Partnership Development across a number of schools, before finally moving back to his hometown, Middlesbrough.

Andy was appointed as a governor at Middlesbrough College three years ago and served as Vice Chair of the Corporate Services and Finance Committee. Andy is now a lecturer in the Business & Education department at the College.

Andy said: “Being a governor at Middlesbrough College was a fantastic experience and provided me with a rich insight into the work of the College.

“I’ve been interested in governance for many years and have served on several boards that have included the Learning and Skills Council and a Social Housing Group.

“Middlesbrough College is a fantastic place to work and such an exciting place to be in and around. There’s a ‘buzz’ you can’t explain that you feel when you enter the building.

“I have to say that it’s the people that make the College so special.”