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Amelia Hugill

May 10, 2021
Amelia Hugill


“Aviation has always been one of my interests, and it was always an ambition of mine to work in the industry. I studied at Middlesbrough College for 5 years prior to my employment, in which I progressed from a Level 3 Aviation Operations programme to a BA Honours (top-up) in Airport and Airline Passenger Management. 

“Whilst studying throughout this time, I was working between 3 part time jobs in customer service and hospitality, which helped me build relevant and useful experience in a variety of roles.

“Whilst completing my final year of my degree programme, I began supporting the teachers in sessions voluntarily. I really enjoyed helping the students with their academic programmes and seeing them progress over time.

“Due to my existing relationships with members of staff, they pointed me in the direction of a position for a vocational coach which I later applied for. Only a few days later I found out I was successful in my application!

“I have worked at the College for just over a year. I began in February 2020 as a vocational coach where my role was predominantly supporting students on a one-to-one basis to help them achieve and exceed their target grades.

“Throughout this time, I also shadowed existing lecturers within the departments and covered on an occasional basis. This really helped me when I progressed onto being a lecturer which I began in August 2020 as I could take what I had learnt and apply it to my own role.

“Being a lecturer at the College is a rewarding role, and this is largely down to the supportive team who I work alongside. I have a great relationship with all the staff who make coming to work enjoyable. Everyone has experience and valuable knowledge which is shared with each other and the students.

“Establishing and maintaining a good teacher-learner relationship is also one of my favourite aspects of the role. Many students may not have the confidence within themselves to begin with however, over time this develops and to watch the gradual growth over time is satisfying.

“A career highlight for me is simply being fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to progress from a student to a staff member – from the blue, orange and finally red lanyard!!

“I am the youngest lecturer within the STPS department which is a significant achievement for me, and it shows working hard and putting in extra effort pays off.

“To those people who are thinking about applying for a role at Middlesbrough College, I would definitely say apply without hesitation! Everyone can bring something unique to the College and specific departments whatever their experience and knowledge is. It is a workplace which endeavours to develop their staff to be the best teacher and version of themselves possible.

“In my spare time I often enjoy training at my local gym, catching up with friends and family and attending social events. In our termly breaks from work I often try to go away on an overseas holiday to somewhere new, and I have been fortunate in doing so, travelling to places such as Portugal, Dubai, New York, and Mexico.”