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Aaron Lunn

April 5, 2023
Aaron Lunn

We caught up with Aaron Lunn, who is a IDA within our construction team!

Aaron told us: “During secondary school I thoroughly enjoyed design technology and thought to myself how I could peruse this in a career later in life, that’s when the idea of going into joinery came about.

“After school I went to college but after a year studying, I found an apprenticeship in my chosen industry; this gave me some brilliant work experience and a qualification which was great. After finishing my apprenticeship, I got a job as a shop fitter with a local firm – I really enjoyed this as I got to travel all over the country, however I was always on the lookout for something more meaningful and worthwhile.

“I had always liked the idea of being a teacher, and when I was approached by Nick Richins, a friend and now colleague, about a role within Middlesbrough College, I thought – why not go for it?! I applied for the role and was luckily successful, I haven’t looked back since.

“I have only been in the team 3 weeks; however, everyone has been so supportive, and I have already made some great friends. A highlight to my role has been passing on my knowledge from my time in industry on to those who are looking to learn the trade, it is a fantastic feeling knowing you are helping local young people develop their skills for the future.

“I have already had some fantastic experiences with my students! In my first working week we went to Newcastle to take part in a skills test competition, that was a brilliant experience for both myself and the students, we are all seeing new things together.

“The College are extremely supportive of new staff, I am already looking to complete some qualifications here so I can up-skill whilst working, I would say that is a huge benefit to working at Middlesbrough College, it is an opportunity you couldn’t turn down.

“In my spare time I enjoy all types of sports, going to the gym and playing football – plus the typical things we all enjoy like chilling out and watching a movie!”

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