Smart Social Networking

25 January 2018

Check out our tips for staying safe online and create a great online persona for yourself!

Think about what you post

Don’t post anything you would be embarrassed for certain others to see! This includes your family, friends, future employers or college/university admissions department. Once something goes online it is impossible to remove.

Be considerate of others when posting

Ask for your friend’s permission before uploading a photo of them and if someone asks for their tag to be removed, do so! Imagine you were in their shoes.

Don’t vent or complain

Employers, schools and colleagues have access to social media and they are looking. Is that spiteful comment worth losing a great opportunity over?

Paint a positive image of yourself

Don’t wait until you are applying for jobs to create a great social presence online. Sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter are a great way of connecting with future employers and sharing all the great work you’ve got up to/ideas you have.

Keep passwords private

Don’t share your password even with friends. It’s hard to imagine, but friendships change and you don’t want to be impersonated by anyone. Pick a password you can remember but no one else can guess.

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