The Tees Valley Teaching Academy

The Teaching Training Academy at Middlesbrough College offers a range of high quality courses leading to primary, secondary and post 16 teaching roles as well as supporting you if you are a teacher who wishes to develop your skills and gain further qualifications. 

Shortage of teachers

With a rise in the number of pupils attending school, teacher shortages are growing, particularly at secondary level.  As a result of this, many students are now educated by non-specialist teachers, with a significant lack in a number of academic areas.

This national shortage highlights the overall demand for teachers in the United Kingdom, predominately in disadvantages areas of the country, male tutors in primary schools and those specialising in maths, English and science.

Providing career opportunities

There are many exciting and diverse career opportunities within the education and training sector. As a teacher you have the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives whilst sharing knowledge of a subject area you are passionate about, making it a profession that is well worth considering.

Not only that with an average starting salary of anywhere between £22,244 and £27,819 for those working in inner London, teachers can expect to progress onto an annual wage of up to £35,000.

They encompass teaching and training in primary and secondary schools, further education, adult education, work based learning, the voluntary sector, offender learning and specialist providers who work with SEND (specialist educational needs and disabilities) learners.  There are also a significant number of roles in supporting teaching and learning in schools and colleges

Providing career opportunities

We offer a range of full and part time course pathways to reflect your needs and aspirations.  They are tailored to suit every individual’s job role and ambitions as well as the needs of employers.  Check out our Teaching Academy Prospectus to see the full range of courses.

Providing and outstanding learning experience

At the Tees Valley Teaching Academy you will benefit from:

High quality, professional training delivered by our expert teacher training team

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Tees Valley Teaching Academy

A mixture of motivational classroom-based learning, research, one-to-one support and when relevant, observations of your professional practice

Valuable insights into current technology-enabled learning, the latest innovation in teaching and learning and policy developments in the education sector

Progression routes which clearly map and enhance your career prospects

Opportunities to learn from your peers working within the sector

A state of the art learning environment at our Teaching Academy based at 2 Queens’s Square in the centre of Middlesbrough