Middlesbrough College Higher Education

Why Get a Degree?

Completing a degree can open the door to a whole new career or help you progress in the one you already have.

Higher education is all about giving you the inspiration to develop new and existing skills. A degree gives you the freedom to be creative and the knowledge and experience to achieve your personal and academic ambitions.

The UK is increasingly becoming a knowledge based economy and employers are looking for graduates to fill their vacancies. A degree can vastly increase your earning potential and open up new opportunities to find employment. Better still, pursuing your passions as a career can lead to a sense of accomplishment and a more fulfilling job. As many of our programmes are vocationally orientated, you’ll also develop a strong work ethic and the confidence to progress in the workplace.

A university level qualification will not only improve your career prospects, but it will develop you as a person. You’ll develop a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking and writing skills that you can use in your everyday life.

Our higher education students come from a range of backgrounds including:

- People in employment looking to gain a promotion

- People who are unemployed and want to improve their job prospects

- Advanced apprentices looking to improve their qualifications

- A Level, BTEC, Level 3 or Access to HE students looking to progress