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How to apply for full-time courses

Please see the steps below for the process of how you apply to Middlesbrough College for full-time courses. For part-time courses you can enrol online or contact our Course Information team on 01642 333700.


1. Complete Application Form

Select the course you want to apply for and complete the full-time application form. You can download a copy of the application form HERE or alternatively apply online by searching for the course you would like to do HERE.

2. Guidance Interview

Within ten workings days of receiving your application we will write to offer you an interview with one of our specialist lecturers.

3. The Interview

At the interview you will receive a welcome pack containing information about your course. You will also receive an offer slip which you can either complete on the night or return at a later date accepting your place of an offer.

4. Offer Letter

After you have attended your interview we will write to you within 10 days to let you know the offer we are making you

5. Enrolment

During July we will write to you to inform you of when you will need to come into College and enrol.

Please note: It is extremely important that you attend your enrolment – if you are unable to attend at the set/date/time, please contact us immediately.

6. Induction

You will then start college during early September – enjoy!