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Additional Learning Support

Middlesbrough College is committed to providing an environment in which there is equality for all members of its community.

We recognise that everyone's needs are unique and will work with students to identify any barriers that exist and make every effort to overcome them. The College wants all students to have the same opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The expertise of our staff enables us to provide excellent advice and guidance to all prospective students.

Middlesbrough College welcomes applications from people with a learning difficulty, learning disability or any additional support need. We aim to provide the appropriate resources, facilities and services to enable you to be successful in your chosen programme of study.

Further details about Additional Learning Support can be found in the 'Transitions Information Pack' online brochure or call 01642 333700 if you would like a copy.


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“The provision of additional learning support is outstanding.

Specialist well considered and timely support is in place for students with a wide variety of learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Students benefit from well-planned in-class or individual support. The success rate for the high proportion of learners receiving additional support is 10 percentage points above the college rate.”


For further information, please contact:

Jenni Cairns, Director of Progression Studies on 01642 333528 or 0791 9394709.
Jenni Cairns, ALS Manager at Middlesbrugh College
Emma Cowley, SEN Manager on 01642 333605 or 0775003103.
Emma Cowley