Maths & English at Middlesbrough CollegeMaths & English at Middlesbrough College

ME & You

Your future depends on it!

Maths and English are essential skills we use in everyday life and universities and employers need you to have them. 

Maths is everywhere around you – in every cake you bake, every brick you lay, every pulse you take, every bill you pay!
You’ll need Maths every day of your life whoever you become.  To calculate, estimate, tell the time, work out your money or solve problems.
So think about ME & You and develop your Maths skills to help you in everyday life.

Effective English skills will help you every day and will make things easier, clearer and more meaningful for you. When you are writing assignments, designing posters, preparing your CV or communicating with friends through email, texts, social media you are developing your English skills. So think about ME & You and let your English skills help you turn your application into an offer.

As a full-time student Maths and English will be part of your programme and we will support you to gain the skills that will set you up for life and that are needed by employers and universities.